COSO Masterplanning

Paul, in his capacity as both an architect and trustee of the Australian Museum chaired its masterplan committee for 6 years during the Museum’s greatest era of change since its inception in 1827.
During this time, the Museum achieved ‘funding ready’ status from the NSW government Gateway Review Panel for its ambitious $285 million redevelopment and received 50M of direct State funding for its ‘Project Discovery’ phase expected to open in 2021.
Also during this time, and after a century and a half of a temporary location for the main entry, an award winning entry was constructed at the intended location. Also known as ‘The Crystal Hall’ the new entry building also provided a valuable function venue.
Finally, both main gallery spaces we restored, the most spectacular being the Westpac Long Gallery,  which too won an Australian Institute of Architects award.
This experience provided Paul with valuable learnings in many aspects of the Masterplanning of significant institutions including:
  • Presentations to government panels and committees, in particular NSW Gateway review panel presentations
  • Business Case Submissions
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Change Management
  • Sustainability
  • State Significant Development Proposals
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Procurement strategies for building consultants and head contractors
  • Advocacy at Ministerial and Department Secretary level
Most important was the learning that beyond the procurement of award winning architecture ‘on time and on budget’ that public buildings and precincts should remain robust, beautiful, functional and cost effective beyond the ‘completion date’  and for many generations thereafter.
Don Harwin MLC Minister for the Arts December 2018 letter of thanks for
‘…overseeing the development and implementation of plans for the Museums’s refurbishment and expansion, I particularly note that you have been a champion of design excellence for the Museum, …’ 
‘ …exceptional leadership and vision and been an outstanding advocate for the Australian Museum and wider arts and culture sector in a time of great transformation and renewal’